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CAI – Conversas Associação Internacional
SwTI – Street work Training Institute
Phone & WhatsApp: +351 91 484 5338
E-mail:  /     @SWTI.StreetworkTrainingInstitute
Instagram:      @_s.w.t.i                                               
Twitter:        @CAI_org_PT    @_SwTIs

CAI Is a Portuguese NGO, which runs projects in the field Non-Formal Education, Social intervention and Health at national level with Youth, Adults and Youth workers. CAI is member of DISWN [Dynamo International – Street Workers Network] at national, European and International level. CAI is the legally supports of SwTI.

SwTI – Street Work Training Institute, is the Training Branch of Dynamo International – Street Workers Network. This Network, is composed by national platforms from 55 countries in Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe, supports social street workers to generate international commitment  between key Stakeholders and Governments for promote human rights, equity, social justice, empowerment among people on street situation. 

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Isabel Moutinho